A New Bike Shop in Crown Heights – Finally!

Update 7/17/18
The Bike on Empire Blvd closed down, a new Crown Heights bike shop was opened on 1156 St Johns Pl. called Cycle City

A new Bike Shop has opened up in Crown Heights, it has been running for a while from the owners Garage, but now he has a real store front on Empire Blvd.
The store has a great variety of  items for all sorts of bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes and everything in between. As you can see in the photos below, he also carries many accessories that can be very useful to have on a bike. Helmets, water bottles, horns and bells,  lights, speedometers, and all your needs to fix a bike on the go.

There is a full service available to fix your bike, no fix is to small and no fix is to big, just drop it by.

Now your wondering, why do i talk so highly of this bike shop?! this guy got me on my bike, and i’m enjoying every minute of it. so im passing on the love!

CH Bike Shop
537 Empire Blvd
Between Kingston Ave & Brooklyn Ave.

Update: They have just launched their new website www.CHcycles.com