My new Baby – Canon 24-105 L F4

After drooling at the Canon 24-105mm F.4 L  for a very long time,
it took until my Canon 17-85mm gave me an error 1 and started playing up,
for me to get the new 24-105.

Here it is! i’ll let you know how i enjoy it!


Fix Hot Pixel – Canon SLR [updated II]

After shooting with my Canon 50D for a while I realized there was a hot blue pixel in all pictures, I was about to send of my camera to Canon to get that fixed, but I was procrastinating… to send it off because I didn’t want to be left without my camera. So after some Googling I came across a very simple and harmless quick fix. I was surprised that it worked, but it did! [From comments I understand it worked for most ppl]

Via willshootphotography blog
Hot Pixel Fix for the Canon 50D worked for Rebel XTi as well [update, from comments i understand that it works for the Rebel XSi,  Rebel T1i, rebel T2i, 7D, 5D M-II] :

– Remove the lens and put the body cap in place on the camera [not sure if this is a must]
– Put the camera in to “manual sensor cleaning mode”. It is the same for both the 40D and 50D – Press the “Menu” button, then select the middle “yellow wrench” tab, then “Sensor Cleaning” then “Clean Manually”. You will hear – the click of the mirror coming up (so you *could* be using a swab on the sensor – but don’t do that – leave the body cap in place).
– Leave the camera in this mode for 30-60 seconds, I kept it this way for closer to 60 seconds.
– Power off the camera off – you should hear another click as the mirror drops down into place
– That was it! Test the camera and see if the dead pixels are gone – they were for me.

Thanks for reading!

I still have no idea why/how this works, but it does. I was about to send in my camera to Canon to Fix this problem, but this was way easier!

[update, from comments 9-22-11]
“The red dot is known as a Hot pixel. When you turn on Manual Cleaning, the sensor is temporarily disconnected from the power to minimize static during cleaning. As a result, when power is restored the pixels are remapped and the hot pixel usually goes away.” There you have it, now you know (more less) how it works.

[update, from comments 11/3/13]
“In order to find manually clean function I needed to set the mode to M otherwise it wouldn’t appear in the menu” hope that helps you guys!