Sandy Aftermath and Recovery in Brooklyn & Manhattan

The day after Hurricane Sandy hit our office in midtown Manhattan opened in the noon. As the subway was not functioning, my only way around the city was by bicycle (As i usually do anyway!) On my way to work i stopped off at different spots in Brooklyn and Manhattan to examine the destruction that Sandy left behind.

As can be seen in the photos, from downtown Manhattan until about 34th street there was no electric, many intersections where managed by the NYPD to avoid chaos.

I also visited the west side, along the Hudson. The water levels where back to normal, but you can see debris all over the walking path. All cars from the NYPD impound where parked on higher grounds one block away from the Hudson, so avoid from getting flushed away by the current.

In the evening after dark on my commute back home, I had a hard time navigating the dark streets, it was a very surreal feeling, like riding through a ghost town. I was relieved to get the Brooklyn side of the bridge, where life was somewhat more back to normal.

Building with the missing facade

Building is missing the Facade after Hurricane Sandy blew it off. (8th ave and 14th)


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