My third Bike Accident

Yesterday i had my third (and hopefully last) Bike accident on 34th and 9th ave, right in front of my work.

The SUV that hit me was trying to make it trough the intersection after his light turned red and my light on the bike lane had tuned green.

I was looking backwards for a second to see if my friend was behind me, did not notice this driving SUV in the intersection. Before i knew it my front wheel was clipped by his bumper, and I flew into the car, right in front of the door of the white SUV. (See photos) The SUV stayed on the scene, and a police report was filled out (my co-workers stayed on the scene to make sure)

I fell of my beloved bike and landed on the floor, i don’t think my helmet was needed to break the impact, rather my back did that job.

Hatzlah volunteer Ambulance was called, and allot of my co-workers gathered around me making sure i’m doing fine, asking me the Date, My mothers name, you name it… It took 1 minutes for some Hatzalah Members to show up, and an other 2 minutes for the ambulance to get to the scene. My head was being held in place and i was strapped onto a board, into the ambulance to the emergency room of  Bellevue Hospital in Midtown Manhattan.

the staff at Bellevue where really nice to me,  the took me off the board, took the braces off my head so that i can be more comfortable. The doctor then checked my spine, neck, arms and legs for any broken bones or damage, Thank G-d all was in good condition. For the scrapes he advised me to get a tetanus shot, which was rather done pain free, and i was released after filling in some paperwork for the Hospital and a Bike Accident Research the hospital is currently doing. All in all i was in the hospital for an hour an a Half. From the time  of the accident till i was released was 2 hours, with some minor bruises to my leg back arm and fingers, a sore neck and a scene that i wont forget too fast, like in the movies.

My bike however was less fortunate, as can be seen in the photo, the handle bar is bent out of shape, the front wheel is all wobbly, and i’m not quite sure the frame was unharmed from the accident.


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