My Second Bike Accident (im fine)

on my way to work (on 34th) i was going through a green light on Bergen st., a car corssed the intersection from 6th ave and hit me. He had already passed the line before his light turned red, but there was traffic, so he was not able to move past the intersection, he started moving once we had a green. There was a truck on Bergen street blocking my view, so i did not see this car coming. (see below  image for diagram)

My front wheel is all mingled up and my handle bar has also seen better days. But what really counts is that i’m doing fine BH, not even a scrape. The guy stopped his car and we shared our information with each other, he had 2 children in his car, he was about to bring them to school… He was more shaken up than i was. He said that he will pay for the damage he had caused. He said he was out of a job now, but he had a gig on Saturday that should get him some money, so that he can pay up…

i was right on the corner of a subway, and took the train to work while carrying my bike.

On the subway i got all these looks, cos it was mid rush-hour and my bike takes up double the space, but then they looked at my bike and saw the reason why i did not ride my twisted piece of metal…

one guy who also happened to be a biker (2 days a week) approached me, asking me if i had an accident, and we spoke till i got off the train. I locked my bike at work (where i store my lock) and i hope to have my bike fixed tom. so that i can be back on the road…

Stay Safe!


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